MAKITA METAL SHEARS- DJS161Z: The perfect sheet metal cutting tool is A METAL SHEARS, particularly if the work is repetitive or the workpiece is long. Shear features sharp, motor-powered cutting blocks that slice through the metal, acting like scissors.

With a cutting strength of 1.6 mm mild steel, 1.8 mm stainless steel, and 2.5 mm aluminum. Makita DJS161Z 18V LXT Li-ion cordless straight METAL SHEARS is a new addition to the Makita Li-Ion range. Moreover, it will accommodate the seasoned user with this single-hand shear.

For basic cutting operations, the straight configuration enables improved control as well as maneuverability. With its lightweight and sleekness, it is also a lightweight mechanical metal shear.

Shearing, however, is not suitable for lengths below 0.750″. In fact, This decreases the total shearing force available for each project. To shear the material, a moving blade then descends over a fixed blade. There’s also the Anti restart feature.

Key Specification:

  1. Cutting Capacity: 1.6mm mild steel
  2. Cutting Radius: 250mm
  3. Strokes per minute: 4,300spm
  4. Charging Time:  22 min
  5. Cutting Capacity: 2.5mm
  6. 18 Volts
  7. Cutting Capacity: 1.8mm stainless steel

Perform with ergonomic design:

The ergonomics of the performance can make the instrument feel comfortable when you are working and the rubberized grip helps avoid dangerous slips, a typical feature of Makita’s professional quality standard power tools.

Protector allows for a smooth cut:

The Makita DJS161Z METAL SHEARS is equipped with a sturdy base plate. Additionally, it helps prevent damage to the shear caused by stray metal shards.

Lock-on press:

It lets you lock the button through your workpiece for continuous cutting. And thanks to the 710W continuous output from the motor. This is a fantastic function to have at your disposal.

Low level of noise:

 Indeed, typically cutting metal is a noisy endeavour. The DJS161Z shear is built to generate a mere 81 dB by Makita (A).

Cutting Capacity:

The DJS161Z cutting capabilities are amazing, but before you start cutting, Makita has built in gauges to measure the workpiece. Do not cut it if the material you cut is not within the gauges,

A crucial recommendation, however, when using a metal shear, is never to drive the tool. Alternatively, let the engine power the cutting block with a clear line of sight from where you’re cutting, as it snips through the metal as you guide it gently along.

With the Anti restart switch, Toptopdeal gives you the ideal Makita Metal footwear. For the basic process of slicing, the straight nature of the Straight Shear offers greater strength and maneuverability. The high cutting ability slices up the mild steel sheet up to 1,6 mm thick.

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