Have You Known About Our Cordless NAILER?

Toptopdeal is a popular online shop in the UK that purchases Makita Cordless Nailer. When shooting short nails, it is longer runtime, faster readiness to fire, less recoil, and more endurance. The GN900SE Nailer is an extremely advanced nail gun, along with its low LED battery and error detection system, plus a shock-absorbing battery fitting. It has a nose tip designed for improved visibility: it also has a fast-release jam clearing mechanism for quick and simple access to the desired firing point on the workpiece.


  • The best ergonomic handle possible, with the high manoeuvrability.
  • For hanging devices on rafters etc., dual-position hooks are handy.
  • Misfire plate inhibitor for nails of smaller lengths

Overheat protection for tool

The tool stops automatically when the tool overheated, and the indicator blinks for around 60 seconds. Let the tool cool before turning the tool on again in this case.

Tips for maintaining maximum battery life

  • Before discharging the battery cartridge full, charge it.
  • If you find less tool control, always stop tool operation and charge the battery cartridge.
  • If you are not using it for a long time, charge the battery cartridge.

Safety Rules

  • Often presume that there are fasteners in the method. Careless nailer handling can lead to accidental fasteners hiring and personal injury.
  • When the fastener jams in the tool, detach the tool from the power source. The nailer can be triggered unintentionally when removing a stuck fastener if it is plugged in.

There is no question that the cost of this nailer is up there, but most skilled instruments are. For the professional looking to cut the cord and retain efficiency, Makita crafted this nailer and they definitely succeeded.

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