Toptopdeal is a common online shop for buying a UK vacuum cleaner. The Wireless Benefit is a Makita vacuum cleaner. It is powered by a maintenance-free brushless engine and is compatible with the Makita 18v LXT batteries. For ease of use, it requires a foldable handle and flexible hose, with on-tool storage. The Makita vacuum can also be used, depending on the mission, with a number of attachments, including different nozzles, suction tubes, and a shoulder harness.

To ensure that the Makita vacuum continues to function at its best, it includes overheating safety. Battery power and when the filter due for cleanup are indicated by LED indicator lights. Easily adjustable to the height of the user, it has a telescopic straight pipe. On start-up, the soft-start mechanism protects the engine.

Cleaning the filter element

  • To turn the vacuum cleaner on.
  • Using the palm of your hand to close the nozzles or suction hose openings.
  • If after filter cleaning, the suction power is too low: replace the filter


Never hold a cord or yank the cleaner to separate it from the receptacle. Keep the heat, oil, and sharp edges away from the cord. Do not fold the hose, tug or walk on it. If you find poor performance or something odd during the service, stop the cleaner immediately.

Dust bag

Connect the bag of dust to the dust spout. Push it tightly onto the dust spout while adding the dust bag as far as it can go to stop it slipping off during service. Remove the dust bag from the tool and take the fastener out when the dust bag is about half full. Empty the dust bag of its contents, gently tapping it so as to extract particles that stick to the inside that can impede further collection.


Only the maintenance work defined in the operating instructions carried out. Often take the mains plug out of the vacuum cleaner before cleaning and repair. Never spray the upper portion of the vacuum cleaner with water.

Specific Safety Rules

  • Keep power tools when performing an operation where the cutting tool can touch hidden wiring or its own cord through insulated gripping surfaces.
  • For the substance and application you are dealing with, please use the right dust mask/respirator.
  • Keep your hands away from pieces that move.
  • Do not quit a running tool. Just operate the tool while hand-held.

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