MILWAUKEE IMPACT WRENCH, The MILWAUKEE M18 ONEFHIWF1 is the world’s first high-torque cordless 1′ drive friction ring impact wrench. At half the size and weight of its AC, gas, or pneumatic counterparts, this M18 FUEL high-torque impact wrench produces 2400 Nm of nut-busting torque. DRIVE CONTROL mode 4-Bolt Removal allows users the most control over their fasteners. Not only is the Milwaukee-FUEL cordless impact wrench very powerful, but it also impresses with a great design in the black and red colors.

Ideal for jobs such as subfloor laying, decking installation, or just projects that enable you to drive hundreds of large screws. Impact wrenches are exactly the same machine, but usually heavier and have square drives for sockets to be connected. Widely used for locking or loosening nuts and bolts in trades such as car repair, building, and product assembly.

Key Specification:

  • Nut-Busting Torque – 813Nm (600lbs)
  • RPM – 2,400
  • Length – 170mm
  • Bare Unit Weight – 1.7kg
  • Weight with battery pack (kg) 3.3


  • DC, gas, and pneumatic clamps are replaced by the world’s first 18V 1′′ high torque effect clamp.
  • High Torque Effect Wrench in his class: the lightest cordless 8.39.
  • The ONE-KEY app also offers an inventory feature to completely manage your entire tool/equipment fleet.
  • Premium over-molding of rubber can withstand corrosive materials and, when used, provide greater comfort.
  • It features a friction ring mechanism to change the socket quickly and easily.

MILWAUKEE M18 ONEFHIWF1, the M18TM friction ring impact wrench delivering full cordless control on the job site, is provided by Toptopdeal. It offers optimum efficiency by eliminating stubborn and high torque fasteners up to 2X faster than the competition. For heavy applications such as steel processing, mechanical fastening, industrial and automotive construction, it is suitable.

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