MILWAUKEE M18 FN18GS M18 FUELTM 18 GS FINISH NAILER, MILWAUKEE M18 FN18GS M18 FUELTM 18 GS FINISH NAILER, MILWAUKEE FUEL M18 CN18GS-0X-Battery-Free Charger 4933451959. Equipped with “fire-ready” software, this system allows the loading times of the nails to be sorted quicker and more accurately. Onboard, there are different shapes that allow the user, regardless of the application, to get the best finish.

No gas cartridges and no cleaning are needed, but it is designed to provide durability and reliability for the most demanding users with very little maintenance. On a REDLITHIUM-ION 2.0Ah battery pack, you can fire up to 1200 nails per charge to optimize your performance (not included). Moreover, In hardwoods, best-in-class power to sub-flush the nails to the floor consistently.

Why is it important?

NAILER is likely to result in improved power and performance in a cordless system.
The version of the devices you use most allows you to run independently of a cable, which means higher efficiency on the job site for many. Furthermore, there are two modes of choice: sequential shooting to increase accuracy or burst to fire velocity Anti-finger tip, and accurate (tool-free) nailing depth adjustment A Dry-Fire locking mechanism for faster shooting.

These nailers are based on a battery that provides a gas-igniting spark that drives the piston. Usually, without relying on an air supply, they can easily drive larger nails through tougher surfaces.


  • Firstly, Best-in-class strength in hardwoods for seating the nails on the surface consistently.
  • Secondly, Fast access and rapid jam clearing.
  • Thirdly, Tool-free, quick, and simple depth adjustment to ensure that the nails are sun-flushed.
  • Moreover, The consumer can fire and sink nails at a more acute angle with a small contact ring.
  • Lastly, For better alignment of the nails, the LED operating light illuminates the working surface.

Key Specification:

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Charger supplied: 26 min
  • Cycle rate: 900
  • Magazine capacity nails: 110
  • Nail diameter [mm]: 1.2
  • Nail type (mm): 16 / 54
  • Voltage (V): 18

If you are looking for a MILWAUKEE M18 FN18GS M18 FUELTM 18 GS FINISH NAILER, then Toptopdeal is the best company. 4933451959 provides a charger-free MILWAUKEE FUEL M18 CN18GS-0X-Nailer battery. A finishing and precision nailer for interior and decoration work, suitable for “Ready To Shoot,” hardwood technology, reduces the nail loading time for faster and more precise shots.

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