Colouring Pens & Markers

Sketch, Crafting Projects, Color Pencils, Art Coloring Drawing Pencils for Adult Coloring Books. PREMIUM QUALITY For your drawing pad or coloring books that are colorful. Our collection of colored pencils comes with different colors. There are wide and fine tips in each marker pen, so you can draw or sketch both thin and thick lines. There is good consistency in the marker pens. Without thinking about smudges and blotches, you can layer and blend distinct colors easily. The simplicity of color-coded caps allows you to find the color you want at first sight. For easy transport, sturdy zipper bags are also included. They can add color to your life with these color marker pens.

For accurate highlighting and underlining, for drawing with both thin and thick lines, each highlighter marker pen has wide and fine twin tips. It lets you easily create different styles, sketches and patterns. You will love the artistic and fun aspect that these liquid highlighter pen or cute coloring pen offer, whether you’re using chalk marker pen to color your favorite ColorIt book, highlight special moments or just write in your journal. Giving you a good grip experience, using the same paint, pen cap and ink. It helps you to easily and quickly recognize and identify each color. Markers are inexpensive, do not mess, fit well with other media and allow you to quickly and easily add bold color. Their effortless color application allows markers perfect for doodling, sketching and gesture-drawing. Markers can also combine seamlessly, making them capable of photorealism, abstraction, and everything else in between.

Water-based markers are available everywhere, most often in inexpensive children’s sets. But you can also purchase water-based artist-quality markers that are extremely versatile. Also highly popular for hand-lettering water-based markers. The smoothness of the brush tips were instantly loved.

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