Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources:

Curriculum Resources is a special collection of teaching resources for education students to borrow. It contains books and other writing materials on all subjects to help with lesson planning. And use whilst working with children in the classroom.

Importance of curriculum:

Beyond creating shared goals between teachers and students, the curriculum also standardizes the learning goals for an entire school and provides a clear path for students to progress from one grade to another. Moreover, It serves as a great map, outlining where you need to go and how to get there. A well-crafted curriculum serves as a reference to ensure that you’re on the right track.

Different types of Curriculum resources:

MV POWER Professional A1 Cutting Mat with 1x Rotary cutter: You can easily cut fabrics such as paper, leather, jeans, or fleece, as well as several or folded layers of fabric with this unit. Patchwork Ruler: transparent 60 x 16 cm with various angle grades for universal use in sewing, crafts, and DIY jobs. A cutting mat is fairly self-explanatory and there isn’t much more to it than being used to protect your surfaces when using cutting or marking tools that could potentially create marks.

OFFIZEUS precision bow compass/divider includes an easy-to-use adjustment wheel and locking mechanism preventing leg movement during drawing. By adjusting the center wheel you can easily change the radius of the circle. This compass/divider has plenty of spare parts. It comes with 9 spare leads, an extra steel needle tip, and spare holding screws and nuts.  An excellent device for use in schools, woodworking, or at home.

NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMPOCKET MICROSCOPE is one of our all-time best-sellers. Moreover, an in-built light reveals the tiniest details. With this pocket-sized microscope, you are also, able to view small objects in high detail with brightness and clarity that even impressed scientists at the Natural History Museum. The ultra-bright LEDs and focus wheel ensure pin Sharp images.

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