Right now, air fryers are all the rage, but there is always a space for good old fashioned fried food in our hearts and stomachs. While most of the air fryers we checked at the Good Housekeeping Institute, with little or no oil, yield similar crispy and juicy results, there are some foods we have not yet mastered, such as deep fried chicken. You might also want to consider its design and aesthetic. On desks, the stainless steel housing and automated control panels look elegant. Fryes are available in two major categories: conventional open fryer and pressure fryers. In addition to thermostat sensors, multiple fryers have timers. Operators need to know proper temperature and cooking time for each food product.
The new technology for fat removal is designed to remove and capture fat from food, making it the healthiest way for you and your family to fry. Rapid Air technology for delicious crispier results. Fry with little to no oil Optimized for your everyday cooking. XXL family size suits a whole chicken or 1.4 kg of fries. The healthiest way to fry Fat Removal technology separates and collects excess fat. For both home and commercial use, this Stainless Steel Deep Fryer is durable. It’s easy to run and clean. French Fries, onion rings, egg rolls, fried chicken, shrimp and every other deep fried food perfect for cooking. For single large capacity tank use, dual electrical heads and powerplugs.
When the fryer heats oil, the indicator light shows the temperature. The heating pipe provides heat uniformly and easily. Lid cover prevents splashing of the boil oil and tightly covers the oil while not in use. To cook your favorite food with little to no added oil, Airfryer utilizes hot air, so you can fry with up to 90 percent less fat.

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