Washing Machines

Make it simple for laundry days with these white washing machines. Your Washing Machines might save you the time and the effort, but often at the cost of excessive water consumption. Significantly reducing the need for excess detergent and water, i-DOS not only looks after your clothes but also the environment.

Fill it up once and it doses automatically wash after the wash. As well as being soft on your textiles, the smaller, smoothly polished shouldered holes in the walls of the drum stop pilling and laddering. The Foreign items no longer end up in the drain pump, such as paper clips. With improved washing performance and productivity during the regular process of washing.

Strong multi-water-flow cleaning. You should lock all the keys to keep a kid from adjusting the settings. With the additional options, set up your own software and save the desired one for later use. The smart inverter washing machine calibrates power usage according to the necessary power to the optimum level. This washing unit, with a child lock key, can lock its control panel.

Thanks to highly effective water treatment, protecting the environment and saving money. You can save time and effort with your washing machine, but often at the expense of unnecessary consumption of water. Our Active Water Plus program provides perfect results by using just as much water as possible. I-DOS not only looks after your clothing, but also the climate, greatly reducing the need for unnecessary detergent and water.

Fill it up once and automatically wash the doses after cleaning. Between the drum and the laundry, the web like surface structure of the drum produces a thin layer of water. This helps in the softly gliding of the laundry and perfectly preserves the fibres. SpeedPerfect: In up to 65% less time, completely clean.

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