Steam Mops

Steam Mops:

is a mop that uses steam to clean floors and carpets. Unlike a regular mop, which requires cleaning agents such as bleach or detergent, a steam mop uses heat from steam to disinfect the floors. Steam cleaning a floor should be your option for all routine maintenance washing. Steam Cleaning uses no chemicals to clean. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are making an environmentally sustainable choice when you choose a steam mop over cleaning chemicals. Steam mops are super easy to set up and use. Just plug it in and a few moments later you are good to go!


A steam mop works by heating up the water inside the reservoir to temperatures of about 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit). Many steam mops have one jet of dry steam (but may have as many as 15 jets), moistening a microfibre pad placed underneath. The steam helps soak the pad and dirt is drawn off ground. Unlike regular mops, steam mops do not leave a residue on the floor and often clean through the dirt. The heat of the steam can kill about 99 percent of the bacteria and dust mites. Steam mops can disinfect floors, restore shine, kill dust mites, and remove some stains.

Some of the steam mops feature a two-sided, flip mop head that allows you to clean twice as much floor before changing the mop pad. One pad is soft for use on delicate floorings such as hardwood and laminates. The other pad has built-in scrubbing strips that facilitate cleaning tough messes.

Some of the Examples:

Shark Cleaner Steam Mop 1050 W Grey & White. More than a floor mop, instantly transform into a handheld steam cleaner with Lift-Away. Handy tools take you from kitchen surfaces to bathroom tiles and even windows. Shark S6005UK  Suitable for all types of sealed hard floors.

Kärcher Easyfix Upright Steam Mop + Microfibre Cloth Set for Easyfix Steamers, White. Thanks to the preset three-step steam flow control which is extremely easy to operate, and is ideally suited to clean all sealed hard floors – even wood.

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