Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter is that Which Cuts or Scores Glass. The Small and Lightweight Design of this Saw Gives High Manoeuvrability and Handling. Glass Cutter is a 10.8 V Lithium-ion Cordless  Cutter, lightweight model with a total length of 300 mm. Rubberized soft grip and non-slip elastomer grip for greater control and comfort,  faster loading and longer running time. The 10.8v lithium-ion powered motor offers 1400rpm, which is enough cutting power to handle cutting into porcelain tiles or glass. The die-cast aluminum base plate increases the cutting accuracy, while the rated power output of 1800 watts ensures that there is plenty of energy behind every cut you make. A spindle locks in to hold things up and reduce injury risk.

If you can switch the blade to a glass-cutting blade, which is encrusted with tiny diamonds that cut through the glass without cracking or chipping it, you can use a tile cutter to cut glass. Glass is more fragile than ceramic or porcelain tile, so work slowly to reduce the risk of damage. The scoring results in a split in the glass surface that encourages the glass to break along the score.

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