Combi Drills

Combi Drill is a program that can perform a number of different functions. With Brushless Motor 18v Lithium-ion, Brushless Drill Gives High Output. It’s Shortest Head Length in Its Class and New Grip Shape. The vast majority of Combi drills will have a hammer setting, this gives the drill an impact force as well as the rotational force allowing you to drill into concrete and masonry. A hammer setting will be given for the vast majority of combination drills. This provides both the impact force of the drill and the rotational force that helps you to drill into concrete. It also includes the Makita XPT scheme, when used in the  harsh environments, prevents water and dust from entering.

Compact hammer drill 18V XR Li-Ion. For exceptional efficacy, Brushless Motor Technology. A lightweight, ultra-compact architecture allows for use in confined spaces. For improved runtime and longer tool life, two speed all metal transmission. The brushless motor removes carbon brushes, allowing the engine to run cooler for a longer life and more effectively. It lets you quickly complete your work anywhere you can work in tight spaces or holes into wood or masonry. Advanced heavy-duty 13 mm metal bolt for fast bit change and superior retention of parts. All metal interchangeable belt loops can easily and conveniently hold your instrument.

All metal interchangeable belt loops are able to carry your instrument securely and comfortably. When drilling into hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, mortar and brick, they are highly effective. Like a standard drill, these drills have a normal forward action, but often have a forward hammering movement to help simplify some jobs. With an overall length of just 168 mm, this tool can be used almost anywhere and is small enough to hang from your waist belt without knowing it’s there.

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