A hand-operated air pump to inflate anything is an inflator (as a tyre). A particular type of air compressor is the tyre inflator. It is also used to pump the car tyres, too. The use of pressurized gas eliminates the need for strenuous pumping to add the correct pressure to your tyres.

The inflator is a nice, small tool with good performance. We favor the size, simple design, price, and performance. One reason is that it is easy to use and faster-operating speed. The proper shape of the tyre helps to move the car easily and comfortably. Auto set pressure with accurate readings. The device comes with certain safety features, and these features will make sure that nothing bad will happen during the operation.

Makita DMP180 18V cordless tyre inflator is the leading manufacturer of professional power tools on the market. It is suitable for inflating bicycle and vehicle tires, sports balls, and inflatable leisure equipment. It is equipped with an auto-off function to prevent accidental start-up during transport. Moreover, a digital cordless tyre inflator with a backlight for increased visibility, and an LED light. The LED light helps to illuminate the operation in a dark area.

If you fill the proper air pressure on your car, it will provide more mileage on your journey. The proper shape of the tyre helps to move the car easily and comfortably. You should change your strategy for a different type of tyre depending on tyre type. A majority of motorists do not even bother to check the air pressure of tyres regularly. This is because it has traditionally required paying a special visit to a fuel station or a tyre-shop. But, there’s an easier way to keep a tab on the inflation pressure of your car’s tyres.


At the desired air pressure, the auto-stop feature prevents inflation. Max Air Pressure 121 PSI. For convenient, fast service, Trigger style turn. 10 L/min air discharge volume. Dimensions overall: 270x76x175 mm

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