Multi Tools

Multi-tools oscillating is one of the most useful devices you can have around the office or lab. The flexibility allows you to perform various tasks that other devices would not be able to perform. You can sand; you could see iron, wood, and drywall you could dive into hardwood, or you could undermine a doorway.

A side-to-side movement works with an oscillating device. The oscillation is very small and very fast, so it sounds more like vibration. An oscillating saw blade is shown; scrapers and sanding pads also work with the oscillating tool. The machine also packs punch despite its smaller size and will perform tasks requiring as much energy as any standard power equipment.

Just as their name suggests, multi-tools are a handy solution for loads of different tasks, including polishing, sanding and cutting – and you’ve come to the right place for an array of great options from top brands including Ryobi and Guild.

Look at our Dremels range for loads of premium quality models, both driven by hands and cordless.

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