Plunge Saw

Plunge Saw is that which is used when cutting out a worktop for sinks or hobs. its Best is a Soft start function for smooth start-ups. It is an easy-to-set depth adjustment with a large scale. It also provides a Brushless motor, depth stopper for splinter-free cutting, Positive stop for bevel adjustment and compatibility with a guide rail.

Plunge Saw a smooth and comfortable charging lever for the comfort of the user. Dual front and rear bevel support provide extra rigidity for fast and accurate bevel cuts. On-board hex wrench for quick and easy blade changes. Rubberized soft grip handle provides greater workplace comfort.  This makes it easier to cut large materials without needing a massive workshop. The plunge saw is the ability to create hassle free plunge cuts. The lack of restrictive guards makes it easy to start a cut in the middle of the material.

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