The right power sander can save you time and help you achieve a high-quality finish than doing sanding by hand. There are many different types and sizes to choose from, including belt, disc, and orbital sanders. Whatever the job, from large surfaces to detailed furniture or even drywalls, you are sure to get the job finished in less time

Makita DBO180Z Sander is that which is used to Smooth Surfaces by Scraped Area with Sandpaper. It has a large random orbital action diameter of 2.8 mm for quick sanding and swirl-free finishing. Simple to operate electronic push button switch with 3-speed settings. Teardrop-shaped base offers better access to hard to reach corners.

Compact design with short height and a lower center of gravity for better maneuverability.  3-stage, push-button, the variable speed control allow precise work.  Accepts Makita LXT 18V Li-ion batteries (1.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0Ah), producing as much power as a mains powered unit.

Pad control system for controlled start-up pad speed and pad brake designed to reduce spin-free and improve overall finishing.  You can also use regular sandpaper cut to fit rather than purpose-made random orbit sanding disks. Orbital sanders aren’t overly aggressive, so it’s hard to remove too much material. Thanks to the unique design, you have the ability to handle either straight or ornate pieces of wood without running into the risk of damage. They are perfect for prepping a surface for painting or sealing, or for knocking down a layer of paint.


Variable-speed enables smooth finish,  Velcro closure for easy change of sandpaper, and Dust-proof switch. Also, it has Robust, large ball bearings, and Ergonomically shaped housing with a non-slip surface for optimal handling. Sander has a brake ring for an immediate halt of the grinding plate. Moreover,  it has High suction through the base plates as well as  Double insulation.

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