Wet & Dry Vacuum

Wet & Dry Vaccum and Dry vacuum cleaner is similar to the basic canister cleaner. Makita proudly brings this all-new wet and dry vacuum cleaner at Topopdeal. It is the Most Excellent Control Tool. A Wet & Dry Vaccum is a vacuum that picks up dry dirt and liquids from many types of surfaces, so it can clean up spills or cleaning solutions in your carpet.

The Wet/Dry vacuums are relatively inexpensive and can be a great addition. For those emergency situations where you need to vacuum water or liquid up. But never use a regular vacuum cleaner to do this job. Fitted with a foldable handle, flexible hose – with on-tool storage.

The Wet & Dry Vaccum are relatively cheap and can be a perfect addition to those emergencies where water or liquid needs to be vacuumed up. But never use this role with a standard vacuum cleaner. Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system.

It provides an efficient and compact clean-up solution that removes the extension cords. That trail corded backpack vacuums, perfect for cleaning crews. A removable storage box is included in the durable housing. Has wide bumper moldings

to protect the sidewalls and surfaces. Not only is a clean, dust-free workplace safer, but long-term employment is much less so. It is also acceptable for processes that include mica, gypsum, china clay.

The memory mode feature enables start-up at the same suction strength as when you previously turned it off. A HEPA filter with a high potential for filtration of clean exhaust air. It has a brushless motor that allows for 2.2 m3/min of Max airflow – 11 kPa of Max sealed suction. And uses 2 x BL1860B in normal setting to deliver up to 140 mins of run time.


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