Makita Hammer Drills

Makita SDS  Hammer Drill is a high-running, low-maintenance, brushless motor. If you need something that really gives a blast, a pair of tequila shots may do the trick, but it won’t do a lot of good on-site. Alternatively, look for a hammer drill from SDS Plus. It is a Highly Efficient Brushless Motor. It has 2 Mode Operation, Rotary Only, and Rotary Hammer.  They can be used on DIY jobs and for jobs on site. When a standard rotary drill or hammer drill just doesn’t have the capability to get the job done.

The SDS Hammer Drill is a 3-function SDS+ drill. The choice is a rotation with the Makita SDS Hammer Drill for rapid drilling into concrete, rotation only drilling for metal/wood or hammer only for chiseling. Whatever the material gives fast and efficient results.

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