Bosch Die Grinder


Bosch L-Boxx Bosch GGS18V-LI 18V Cordless Li-ion Straight is available at toptopdeal. Firstly, it has a High-performance 4-pole engine with a very powerful and long-lasting lifespan. Innovative CoolPack batteries ensure full heat dissipation and thus up to 100% more service life. Secondly, Electronic Engine Safety (EMP) provides protection against overload and long service life for the engine. Furthermore, Lighter in class thanks to the narrow nose and slender handle Low weight: just 1.8 kg.

The lightweight size and modest weight (just 1.8 kg), simple handling, and low tiredness are all main advantages. In general and in restricted spaces these considerations are extremely useful. With its resilient 4-pole engine, this professional straight grinder offers powerful, long-life performance. The most compact model, especially for tight environments, for perfect handling.

  • The most lightweight style for perfect handling in confined places in particular
    Low weight (only 1.8 kg) for quick and slow work
  • Electronic cell safety (ECP) from Bosch: defends the battery from overheating and low discharge
  • Electronic Motor Safety (EMP) protects the engine from failure and guarantees a long service life.
  • Speed without load: 22,000 rpm.
  • Tension: 18 V.
  • Battery weight: 1.8 kg


High-performance engine with long life, which is highly robust and reliable Low weight, for easy use, and low consumer exhaustion. Innovative CoolPack batteries ensure the highest possible heat dissipation, thereby maximizing life up to 100%. The most compact design, particularly for tight areas, for perfect handling Bosch Electronic Cell Safety: battery protection against overloading, overheating, and low release. Electronic Engine Control protects the engine from overload and ensures a long service life.

Tiny, light, and cordless with a powerful, durable and reliable 4-pole engine is the Straight Angle Grinder of Boch Die Grinder. A wide variety of cableless rectangular grinders from the finest brands. Their compact size and their low weight are handy to carry, particularly in places that are difficult to access. Keep children and spectators away while using an energy tool. You can lose power through distractions. Strong motor with 650 watts and soft start to easily operate. Thanks to its sturdy 4-pole motor, this competent Bosch Die Grinder can work strongly over a lifetime. The slide shift has a comfort lock capability.

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