Metabo Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

The impact wrench (also known as impacter, impact pistol, air gun, torque gun) is a socket wrench power tool. It is designed in such a way that it produces high torque output with minimal effort. Moreover, it stores energy in a spinning mass, and then suddenly delivers it to the output shaft. Robert H. Pott from Evansville, Indiana is the inventor of Impact Wrench.

Compressed air is the most common source of electricity. Since the mid-2000s, cordless electrical devices have become increasingly common, despite the use of electricity.

Power Source

Compressed air is the most common power source for impact wrenches, offering the best power-to-weight ratio for low-cost construction. Most impact wrenches push the hammer directly from the engine, giving it quick action when the fastener needs only low torque. Hydraulic impact keys have the advantage of a high power-to-weight ratio.

Metabo Impact Wrench

This impact wrench has a brushless motor for quick work progress and the highest performance for any use. It also features an Automatic Power Shift (APS). It supports operating with self-tap screws-automatic torque reduction after drilling to avoid over-tightening.

Moreover, it has “Ultra-M Technology” for the highest performance, gentle charging efficiency, maximum energy use, and long service life. This is a bare unit, but it comes packed with inlay in the MetaLoc Carry Case.


  1. Self-adhesive screws are assisted by this compact cordless impact driver with a 1/2″ male square and 300 Nm Automatic Power Shift (APS).
  2. High torque unit with low kickback torque
  3. Twelve speed and torque levels for a wide variety of applications.
  4. Integrated work light to illuminate the work area
  5. Robust die-cast aluminum gear housing for maximum heat dissipation and durability
  6. A handy belt hook is present either on the right or on the left.

Thus, these impact wrenches play an important role in finishing your work with full perfection.

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