Makita Metal Cut Saw

Cordless Metal Cutting Body Only Makita DCS552Z LXT 18v 136mm Body

Specifically designed for cutting different types of sheets, this Makita DCS552Z18v 136mm LXT Metal Cutting Saw has an integrated Staub box that eliminates cleaning time and provides a more stable working atmosphere. By opening the cover of the dust box, the simple removal of metal chip/dust may be thrown away. So Even suitable for pipe welding, tubing, C-stud, metal sheeting, and aluminum.


  • Fluid and strong 3600 to 3600 rpm cutting at high rotational speeds
  • Quick tracing of the twin LED work lines – lights up the blade edges and helps cutting line to be conveniently matched.
  • Compact, ergonomic, and lightweight architecture for operator fatigue reduction
  • The base plate of steel avoids surface damage and passes smoothly along the working surface.
  • The lock-off lift avoids unintended launch, making it easy to work on both sides of the handle, glove handles and it has electric breaks.
  • Incorporated dust storage box

The Makita Brushless Metal Cut Saw, DCS553Z, replaces the previous iteration, DCS551Z, which now comes with an improved RPM, a reduced dust box, and a cleaner working environment. These saws are available in a variety of variants, including tabletop, freehand and walk-in versions. Bare Tool-No battery or charger used. Voltage: 18v Blade Diameter: 150 mm Bore Diameter: 20 mm No Load Speed: Max Cutting: 4200 rpm.

In woodworking, the term circular saw is most widely used to refer to a hand-held, electronic circular saw intended for wood cutting but can be used for cutting other materials with different blades. Set the workpiece at a standstill by locking it with a clamp or a screw so that it does not rock or vibrate when cutting. But again, start testing that the saw will not meet any obstacles during the cutting process.


  • Drastically shortened average duration of improved maneuverability.
  • The built-in dust collection box for a safer working environment.
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) controls speed and torque for optimal output during service.
  • Cuts a broad variety of metals from Unistrut, both threads, channels, valves, and more.
  • Dual LED lighting with pre-glow/afterglow functions illuminates the workspace.

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