Dewalt Radio

A lightweight and stable DAB (+)/FM workplace radio, the DeWalt 18v. For technical work sites and for home use, it is perfect. It is compatible with the 10.8V, 14.4V, and 18V batteries and has a wrap-around cord storage power cord of 1.8m. A USB port charges your mobile devices, while an aux audio port connects to players’ headphone outputs. It is quality with banging bass and as well as charging your radio. It is quality with the banging bass.

They have a solid, durable design with rubberized handles. The aerial is rubber and bendy, so it’ll take a knock without any problems and if anything happens to it, the sub base is replaceable. It designed to defend it against dust and jets of water. Your mobile devices charged by a USB port while an aux audio port attaches to the headphone outputs of players. Good for portable music playback through Bluetooth or connected to your AUX-IN port mobile device.

A full color & rotating monitor is also available on the radio. A full color and rotating album art show, easy-to-edit preset DAB and FM radio stations. An integrated music player that allows you to stream your own music, a USB adapter. Input and USB charger for 2.4 Hz. Accepts 54V XR FLEXVOLT.

Compact and robust DAB(+)/FM Jobsite radio. Accepts Li-Ion 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR batteries (not included). Tech Box on-board storage protects portable audio devices. 1.8m power cord with wrap-around cord storage. It features the standard stacking latches as its TSTAK and has rubber bumpers as well.

It’s a rugged radio workspace, but you’re not going to worry of all four corners with rubber bumpers and two vertical metal bars on the front to shield the keys. To play your own tunes, connect your mobile device wirelessly to the radio.

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