Makita Shear Wrench

Makita Shear Wrenches is a Wrench which works as control bolts in steel frame construction. It features a long-lasting, brushless motor with maximum power.  Shear Wrenches are designed to work with a Tension Control Bolt assembly, consisting of a twist-off bolt, a nut and a washer.

Our Makita Shear Wrench will sell for much less than what is currently available on the market. It has metal gear housing, roll bars to protect the batteries, and a shoulder strap hook to keep you from dropping it. Combining high performance with compact size and lightweight. Protective rubber bumper positioned at tool body for increased durability. Lightweight design at only 10.6 lbs. Includes two outer sleeves and one inner sleeve for increased versatility. Anti slipping mechanism: tool won’t start until inner sleeve engages with bolt tip

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