Toptopdeal provides you a wide range of Power Tool kits and Power Tool Combo Kits. There is a collection of quality tools that includes everything you need for professional or DIY work. Included in the kit is a range of 18V LXT tools. As well as, the single sleeve keyless chuck will allow you to handle new bit installations quickly, while the lightweight 2 kg body will make it a tool anyone can handle with ease. Thanks to improved batteries, cordless drills have become both lighter and more powerful. With two Tstak carry cases, the tools are easy to transport from job sites. And can be stored in an organized fashion so they are easy to find when needed.

Other power sources include diesel turbines, direct combustion of fuels and propellers, such as in powder-powered tools, or also natural power sources such as wind or flowing water. The right blend of equipment for trades and apps; DEWALT provides a wide range of hybrid packages for skilled users and general applications. Depending on the conditions – timber or concrete digging, fastening, wood or metal grinding, illumination, demolition – DEWALT has a cordless solution. Get the cordless tools you need in one set for easy handling and storage. Moreover, Both of them are powered by the same battery pack and charger. Save money versus purchasing each tool individually.


Two speeds or power levels that configure the nailer for firing all the lengths of the nails. Sequential operating mode allows for accurate positioning and the bump operating mode provides the consumer with the speed of output. Mechanical rather than gas activity provides consistent efficiency at temperatures between-20 and 50 degrees Celsius and minimum cleaning/service requirements. Class-leading vibration and sound info, provide fantastic user security. Furthermore, Versatile 30-34 degrees Magazine angle accepts much of the clipped ears, and off-center round head of paper tape or wire welded enclosure nails. Reversible belt/rafter hook offers improved portability and flexibility on the worksite. Cordless twin sets, triple packs, 4-piece kits, and 6-piece kits make up our collection of power tool kits.

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