Dewalt Power Tool Combo Kits

Dewalt Power’s best hybrid tool kit with everything. Dewalt Combo Kit features eight heavy-duty power tools as well as a Bluetooth speaker that can replace your old set of tools. This kit also comes with a reciprocating 6-pound saw capable of delivering up to 3,000 SPM at 11/8-inch strokes that suit the defined strength, stroke size, comfort, and vibration.

Right blend of Trade and Application Tools. DEWALT Tools Kit provides a wide range of hybrid kits to fit Technical Users and popular applications. Shoe on the underside prevents the planer’s unintended lying while the blade still runs. The ergonomically rubberized handle provides more flexibility and relaxed grip while reducing discomfort and pain in the arm. Both tools feature an ergonomic design with a removable belt hook for balance and easier tool control.

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