Makita Power Tool Combo Kits

Makita tool kits

These sets are made up of the most popular tools in one handy carry case or bag. It not only saves money but also buying tools individually makes them easy to transport and store. Available as a variety of voltages and battery types and a wide selection of tools within the kits. Whether you want a Makita Drill set or a larger six-piece kit. There are configurations available to suit individual requirements.

power tool kits

Cordless twin packs, triple packs, 4 piece kits, and complete 6 piece kits make up our power tool kits range. As well as offering selection of top brands, there is range of voltages and tool options available. All with free next day delivery or collection from a store near you today. In addition,  Cordless Packages are great way to start your kit or add it to your existing tool selection. Apart from this, they’re made up of our most popular Combi  Drills, Impact  Drivers,  Mitre Saws, and SDS Drills. In addition to the above, they offer great value for money as compared to the purchase of these power tools on a stand-alone basis. Most of these kits also come with batteries, chargers, and accessories.  So you’re going to have everything you need to do to tackle your next job.

Tool kit

A tool kit is an essential set of equipment that is collected in single bag or box. This tool kit ensures that you are ready for any project. Handy for home improvement tasks and professional jobs alike, the all-in-one solution offers the convenience of having all tools to hand when completing a task. A variety of tools available from top Brands in different sized kits, means you are able to select the right kit to meet your needs.

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