Rode Microphones RØDE NT1-A Vocal Pack


  • Large diaphragm capsule with golden membrane – Noise extremely low background with transformerless circuitry. Output Impedance : 100 ohm
  • Cardioid polar response
  • Finished in satin nickel high-strength
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Rode Microphones RØDE NT1-A Vocal Pack

  Rode Microphones RØDE NT1-A Vocal Pack. It's all well and good having a great microphone to capture your sound, but what about all the extras? Luckily, the NT1-A Vocal Recording Pack gives you everything you need to get set up. The SM6 Suspension Shock Mount is the ultimate mounting solution for your NT1-A. Its intelligent design provides you with exceptional isolation from any external physical factors that could be detrimental to your recording. The SM6 shock mount also features a removable pop shield. This is perfect for preventing unwanted popping sounds from ruining your take. It's one of the most effective solutions for taming plosives, giving you the freedom to perform naturally and to your full potential. Finally, this versatile Vocal Recording Pack gives you a premium shielded XLR cable. When you're not using your mic, the sleek Rode drawstring dust cover keeps your NT1-A safe from the elements. As well as the NT1-A's wide dynamic range, this versatile microphone can also handle huge sound pressure levels. Capable of dealing with sounds up to 137dB without distortion, it's the perfect choice for even the most challenging of projects. SPL handling of this standard in a condenser is often only found in more expensive microphones. Plus, with one of the lowest noise floors in the microphone world, the NT1-A gives you transparent recordings without the hassle of unwanted artifacts.


  • Revered cardioid condenser microphone with a large 1'' capsule and gold-plated diaphragm.
  • Features high SPL handling capabilities often only found on some of the most expensive microphones.
  • Cardioid polar pattern provides excellent isolation of your vocals or other sound source.
  • Transformerless surface-mount circuitry for ultra-low noise operation with a self-noise figure of only 5dB(A)
  • The extended dynamic range allows you to capture both detail and power with exceptional clarity.
  • The capsule is internally shock mounted to dramatically reduce handling and mechanical noise.
  • Also a perfect choice for recording guitars and percussion instruments.


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