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PUPA Milano Like A Doll Luminys Blush 3.5 g


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PUPA Milano Like A Doll Luminys Blush 3.5 g

PUPA Milano is a brand that is not afraid to innovate and is always be on the lookout for new ways to be beautiful. The PUPA Milano make-up style is a synthesis of the world famous Italian flair for fashion, creativity and top quality. The soft velvety texture of the Luminys  Blush-Powder gives the face and decollate a beautiful glow. The strips of matching shades can be blended together or used individually. The oven baking technology enhances the skin's color and luminosity. Pupa Milano Like A Doll Luminys Blusher is a prefect blusher for you. Match it to your skin color and type, and create a perfect look. Here you’ll find natural powders and pressed blushers. If you’re also looking for a highlighter, that’s the right spot – here are the best and cheap mosaic blushers with highlighters. That’s a treat for girls who like their blushers compact – you will find here 3in1 blushers that will allow you to blush, contour and highlight your face, and to give it extra glow. The colors we offer create natural and fresh blush. Need a sharper look? Contour the shape of your face with best blushers and highlighters. Liberate your skin from dullness, tiredness or paleness, we’ll help you look and feel great! Browse our store and find your favorite cosmetics to boost your confidence. Pupa Milano Like A Doll Luminys Blusher is a multipurpose makeup product, you can use it as a face powder and as a blush, the result is a luminous face makeup, and a soft, velvet smooth skin. Texture is silky and light and guarantees amazing bendability, Hypoallergenic. Let your skin feel special.


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