Radio Charger DeWalt DCR027 – Is it Time to Upgrade?

DeWalt DCR027 Radio Charger, You might get lost in the universe while you’re looking for a worksite radio. Because most power tool manufacturers sell their cordless line of power tools with some sort of sound system. There’s always the issue, do I buy out there the best system or go with a sound system that’s in my battery platform. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in a new line of cordless equipment.

Digital Bluetooth Radio Charger DeWalt DCR027 240V XR FlexVolt DAB

The only full-sized one is the DeWalt DCR027 Flexvolt Radio. Radio DeWalt to consider the new XR FLEXVOLT batteries. With the power lead supplied, the DCR027 can also be operated by mains. Or with standard DeWalt XR 18v Lithium-Ion Batteries. Your mobile devices are charged by a USB port while an aux audio port attaches to the headphone outputs of players. With banging bass and as well as charging your radio, it is quality. Specifically designed for use in worksites.

  • 3A XR charger with charge indicator LED light
  • Accepts batteries of 54V XR FLEXVOLT and 18V XR Li-Ion
  • More flexibility for work site power is provided by two AC (3-pin plug) power outlets on the side of the unit.
  • Oversize Tech Box provides device protection and storage
  • 2.1A Tech Box USB port for charging devices on the mains and battery

First of all, as you would expect from a radio that will be at work by your side, the DCR027 is constructed. Like a tank with a rugged, rubberized roller cage that protects the device against drops, bumps, and scrapes. It is more robust than some of the rivals in this price group, many owners claim, and it is difficult to disagree by looking at the stuff.

Dewalt Bluetooth Radio

There’s FM on the radio, of course, and you can toggle on your favorite old-school FM stations. But as you’re hoping these days, it also supports DAB+, and depending on your position you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality digital sounding stations. And the DCR027 also has Bluetooth communication on top of that.

Overall, I assume this is one of the best workplace radio stations on the market. When considering the scale and the sound quality, it is pretty difficult to beat. You can be confident that it will last a long time under constant violence because it also has great build quality.

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