These models feature a more rugged housing attachment that makes MAKITA DFR550Z suitable for both professional use and DIY use. This 18v Makita DFR550Z LXT auto-feed screwdriver gun is 18V cordless. It provides high operating efficiency with fast rotational speed and improved control of the screw strip. For smooth sliding operation, the MAKITA DFR550Z Auto-Feed Screwdriver has a dust-proof design.

With a high range of 25 mm to 55 mm, it has a collated screw scale. Equipped with an anti-tilt tool to prevent swinging the screws when fastening them.

  • The anti-tilting mechanism to keep screws from swaying.
  • Adjustable stopper base with 7 different combinations of screw length: 4 x 25-55 m.
  • Silent clutch: at the end of the driving phase, less noise.
  • Convenient carrying hook for hooking the tool temporarily.


Used for Too Long: When you use the drill for a long time, the screwdriver tends to heat up. To stop drilling, just let the button run and let the drill cool down. For security purposes, make sure the safety lock is in place. After it has cooled down again, you can resume drilling.

The Do Not Work Cause Switch:

Engaged in a safe lock: You have to press the button to start the screwdriver. You will not press the button if the safety lock is locked. Make sure that the safety lock is turned forwards or backwards before operating the system.

The Trigger Committee went wrong: if the engine is forced down but not triggered by the trigger switch. The trigger may be incorrect.

Battery dead: The drill will not work if the battery is dead or not properly connected. Make sure you have the battery charged and the drill is connected.

Slipping Clutch Drill:

The design of the slip-clutch is not acceptable: If the clutch slips before a screw is fully drilled in. This implies that the value of the torque is not high enough. Only rotate the setting to a value that is higher. When you drill the screw too deeply, you may wish to adjust the setting to a lower value.

The clutch has numerical values representing the amount of torque on a screw that the drill can exert. The torque value can be set according to the type of screw.

Clutch Leaf Spring Worn Failed: Unless the clutch firmly ‘clicks’ on the right gear. Opening the drill for anyone is a normal occurrence. And before the reassembly, they don’t put the leaf spring back in its proper position.

Safe Guide:

  • Using Work Gloves: Power drills give off extreme vibrations, especially with high torque. They can also hit high temperatures because of the impact and friction. You always need to wear thick gloves to operate the unit securely. In order to prevent contact with the hot surface, this is also useful when you change drill bits or loosen the chuck.
  • Keep your piece of work safe. When you drill, you don’t want to move the piece of wood or metal that you are working on. Prior to applying the power drill to it, clampdown or lock the workpiece into a vice.’
  • For each mission, use the required drill bit. Ensure that the correct drill bit is used, depending on the job and the material. It can degrade the power drill over time, too.
  • Apply the drill with adequate strength. Your power drill can do much of the job, so don’t use too much energy. You can slip the power drill when you press too hard or you can strain the motor.

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