Using a leaf blower has plenty of benefits

You’ve been investing in a lawn blower with a leaf blower. These strong tools accelerate the process of blade cleaning and make this easier. You invest in a blade blower with a blade blower. These strong tools accelerate the process of blade cleaning and make this easier.

Makita BHX2501 Carry Leaf Blower & Vacuum, 4-Streak Hand. Makita BHX-2501 is a powerful 4-stroke garden blower weighing 4.4 kg and has a convenient, single, thumb-controlled handgrip and a press-on lock mechanism.

It is only efficient to use your leaf blower to sweep the snow in or out of your vehicle. Whether the inch or two of snow isn’t more than.

Key Specification:

  1. Fuel Type: Unleaded
  2. Engine: 4-Stroke
  3. Cubic Capacity: 24.5 cc
  4. Max Airflow: 10.1 m³/min
  5. Vibration K factor: 0.5 m/sec²

For reliability, efficiency and long life, this engine is noted. A vacuum bag package and alternative nozzles turn the device into a suction mode. For challenging commercial and domestic landscape practices, it makes the BHX2501 the perfect garden clear-up unit. The commercial duty engine of the fast start OHV runs on unleaded fuel and has lower emissions than a comparable 2 stroke engine.


  • Usually, they are heavier than electric versions, need more maintenance and are much noisier.
  • Taking the hard work of removing leaves and waste from the garden.
  • Mechanical decompression mechanism for quick pulling of the recoil.

How to use it?

  • Begin at the far-left corner of your lawn, blast most of the leaves on a tarp into a pile.
  • Don’t be fussy: it is futile to attempt to round up the last leaf with a leaf blower/vac.
  • When you have blown most of the leaves into a pile in this corner of the lawn, fold the tarp over the leaves and clear the pile (you’ll probably need assistance) by pulling the tarp forward.
  • Dump the leaves in a jar from which they can be composted or added to a compost bin eventually.

The Makita BHX2501 is one of the best-selling petrol leaf blowers, and with a strong maximum airflow of 10.1 m3/min, with minimal effort and time, you can have the garden clean of leaves and debris. 

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