For Diyers And Practitioners, The Best Cordless Circular Saws


Yeah, if you’re serious about your power tools, then you’ve come to the right place. If you want to make sure you have the best cordless circular saw there is. The use of cordless equipment has many advantages. You don’t have to think all the time about sticky cables and jumping over them, and you can take your job away from the power and still get it done.

The market is full of circular cordless saws. So we understand that it’s difficult to find one that fits your needs best. 

The DSS501Z models have been added to the Cordless Circular Saws line-up. It offers a compact and lightweight design for elevated maneuverability and fast handling.

The functionality of Makita Cordless Circular Saw:

Built around a brushless engine, the Circular Saw. The Makita 18V battery powered by a saw. In order to let you know how much charge is left on the battery. The battery has a four-light LED condition. For comfort, the saw utilizes a D-Handle configuration with a rubber over-mold.

Makita 18V Brushless Updates for Circular Saw

Makita’s BL motor is the most visible one. The Brushless Circular Saw Makita 18V LXT now features a brushless motor. They were able to get a full 5000 RPM out of it and retain the Makita DSS501Z’s smooth stability.

Makita’s Automatic Speed Shift, the other relatively new technology integrated into this model. This is important because it changes the speed and torque electronically to operate at an optimal level. When more tension experienced by the saw, it will redirect power to give more torque. This leads to the capacity to drive through cuts where the blade would have been tied up before.

There are some aspects that can be strengthened…

It could be safer for the measurement cover plates on the front. Only one screw also keeps the front cover plate in place. If you’re not careful, the opposite side will grab things and break free. I would like to see these turned off for cover plates of steel or aluminum and definitely have a second screw or rivet on the front.

This is a fantastic SAW. I just don’t have to complain about something. The saw well balanced, which means when a cut Like a workhorse, I love strength. This is the saw to own if you need a lightweight, solid saw.