Why Is The Circular Saw Of Makita The Best?


You can rely on Makita circular saws, crafted with excellence in mind, to deliver precision with each cut. You are also less likely to experience any issues thanks to their rugged nature, making the Makita circular saws some of the most reliable for the construction industry.

The Makita DHS661ZU Brushless Circular Saw has a light indicator with Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT). If a high torque, a green light will come on, if the lights are out at a high speed and if there is an overload warning, it will blink green. 

It is very small and lightweight, allowing the consumer maximum power and comfort for longer periods of use. This DHS661ZU also has an Auto-start Wireless Device (AWS) that connects when used in combination with the WUT01 AWS chip to compatible Makita dust extractors with Bluetooth technology.

Aluminum or Magnesium Shoe

On lower-cost saws, steel shoes are popular, and they have a few downsides. They can bend first if you drop the saw. And a bent shoe can lead to a bad cut in your saw. Also, if you’re using a thin straight line like a rafter square for a saw guide, the rolled edge on a steel shoe can be a concern.

Extra Bevel Capacity

All of these saws, with the exception of the Black & Decker, cut bevels beyond 45 degrees. If you’ve designed a lot of hand-framed roofs, it’s unlikely that you need to cut such steep bevels. But it’s a good trait to have. For typical angles such as 22-1/2 and 45 degrees, some of the saws included detents or stops. These characteristics actually get in the way of regular bevel configuration on certain saws.

Easy Depth Adjustment

You need to loosen a lever and shift the shoe up or down by adjusting the depth of the cut on a circular saw. In this set of saws, there are two depth-adjusting characteristics worth comparing. Second, most saws have what we call an “outboard” lever; that is, where it is more open, the lever is placed to the left of the handle.

Work Lights

If you are young and can still see well in dim light, this feature does not matter to you. But the work lights on the Craftsman, Makita, and Kobalt saws, we liked them. The LED lights illuminated the cutting area enough to allow us, even in dim light, to follow the line easily.

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