18v Impact Driver Lxt Dtd156z


What is an Impact Driver?

A handheld impact driver is an instrument that gives a powerful, sudden turning power and a forward drive when hit with a hammer on the back. Mechanics also use it to remove larger screws and nuts which are “frozen” or over-torqued corrosively.

What are you using an impact driver for?

Impact drivers are built to drive long deck tubes or bolts efficiently in wooden posts, secure concrete tubes in block walls, and drive tubes into metal bolts.  It’s not intended for drilling, although it may be useful when using a spade bit.

Is an impact driver worth it?

An impact driver is an ideal method for repeated jobs such as hanging drywall or constructing a deck. It moves twists quicker and easier and fasteners with more strength but less weight than a drill driver.

Can I drill in a brick via an impact driver?

You would be able to drill through brick and some concrete with an impact driver if you are drilling holes at 1/4-inch or below. For impact drivers, the torque is strange, but it is not intended for use as a typical drill or hammer box.

Impact Driver LXT DTD156Z

The soft-grip handle makes easy use with lightweight nature and ergonomic rubber. 4-pole strong engine. Features an afterglow variable speed trigger and LED light. Ideal for all commercial applications

Some of the Important Features of this product:

  • Max. Limit. Dream time: 155Nm.
  • It has a Hex Tool Holder 6.35mm
  • Speed and Return Variable
  • Also, it has an Engine which is fan cooled
  • Gearing all-metal
  • As well as Brake Electronic
  • And, Rubber handle with loose grip
  • Not only, Driven Light Job
  • but also, it Do not contain a battery or charger
  • In addition, Variable speed control by trigger
  • Forward / reverse rotation
  • LED job light
  • Ergonomically designed high comfort grip.