What’s An Oscillating Tool Used For?


Not sure if this multi-purpose tool is the right choice for your toolbox or next project? Here’s a list of our favorite uses of the oscillating multi-tool. We hope that they will give you some inspiration for your own DIY projects – and show just what a multi-tool is really capable of:

Makita DTM51Z Oscillating multi-tool is one of the handiest tools you can get around the workshop or workshop. Its flexibility helps you to perform a variety of tasks that, with other resources, would be difficult. You can make big holes; dive into hardwood; or undercut the door; you can sand; sew metal, wood, and drywall.

Trimming of pipes and screws:

Fitted with the right oscillating multi-tool blades, your multi-tool can soon become the best friend of the plumber or worker. Set up as a multi-cutting tool, it can be easily cut through plastic, copper, or even galvanized metal pipes. 

This means that you can easily cut off the excess screws that are otherwise unsightly, if not dangerous. This ensures that inside the cabinets, in the ceiling, behind the walls, and under the floorboards, as well as many other hard-to-reach areas, you can trim pipes and screws.

Plunge cuts in your deck:

Plunge cuts can be hard, dangerous, and almost impossible to get right with a standard power tool. A good multi-tool and right blade sanding and oscillating cutting tool make it much easier and safer.

Trimming of wood and floorboard:

Trimming is not a task confined to the outdoors. There are hundreds of woodworking projects you can use as an oscillating tool. Cutting out excess material from a frame, adjusting furniture pieces, or even altering stud walls – all these tasks can be completed by a versatile multi-tool with outstanding results.

Cutting the openings in the drywall:

It’s an easy one, but, honestly, there’s no better alternative than cutting drywall with an oscillating tool. That’s because you’re sure to make a perfect square cut that’s simple and accurate.

Sanding of furniture down:

One possible function is to use a multi-tool to cut wood and thus to sand wood to a smooth finish. Sanding is basically an integral aspect of any high-quality oscillating multi-tool, such as the basic sanding pad.

We hope that from these technical applications for an oscillating multi-tool, you have acquired valuable knowledge. If you’re a Pro and have tips on using a multi-tool oscillating tool.