Makita DHK180Z – 18V Power Scraper Skin Cordless Brushless SDS Plus


The DHK180Z is an SDS-PLUS cordless power scraper powered by an 18V LXT Li-Ion battery. It is a lightweight system intended for scraping & tile removal. It has a variable impact speed of 0-3,200ipm and has a variable speed dial for accurate scraping power change.

There are a variety of features in the Makita Power Scraper to help with your overall efficiency as well.  This includes a variable speed dial and trigger to fit your power to the handy program (though most will never drop it below the maximum). When you pull the trigger, a gentle start-up stops the tool from running off on you.

LXT – Lithium Extreme Technology

Our LXT Advantage made up of 4 main components. providing you with the most modern, reliable 18V tools on the market. Our batteries for quick charging, fast optimum chargers, industry-leading brushless motors.
And our computer controls for STAR Defense make each and every one of the largest 18V collection of instruments in the world the best choice for the job, no doubt.

18V Brushless-Speedier, Faster, Smarter

Without compromise, our Brushless selection is for those who lead the pack seeking industrial efficiency. With industry-leading creativity, full strength, and the ultimate in stamina that 18V has to offer, LXT Brushless tools bring you ahead of the curve.

The motor house isolated from the handle with Anti Vibration Technology. Reducing the vibration transmitted to the user for a more relaxed and safe operation. 

Big Stuff in Small Packets:

For scraping, light chipping, scaling, and chiseling applications, the Makita 18V LXT AVT Power Scraper excels. So, it can achieve variable impact speeds between 0-3,200 BPM and 2.2 ft-lbs of impact energy with its brushless motor.

However, with Makita anti-vibration technology (AVT) included on the instrument. In order to efficiently separate and consume impact energy, the AVT housing moves independently of the hammer.

Since the Makita 18V LXT, AVT Power Scraper with the battery weighs just 7.7 lbs. It stays maneuverable in tighter places.