How To Adjust A Chuck Drill?


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In this guide, we’ll show you how to replace your drill’s SDS mechanism. If you would like to watch rather than read step by step, there’s a video taking you through the steps below.

Stage 1: Open up the Process for Chuck

Make sure that your drill has been removed from its source of electricity. Then pull back on the sleeve of the chuck, and ease off the rubber cap using your little screwdriver. Now the cap has been removed, and the chuck’s outer sleeve will slip off.

Stage 2: Remove the circular clip

Squeeze the clip together by using the circlip pliers, then ease it up and off the chuck. This, in turn, helps you to remove the part of the chuck that grips the SDS portion, the ball bearing retainer. Lastly, remove the spring in this step.

Stage 3: Preparation for Chuck

The ball bearing found in the chuck slot would be able to see you. On your SDS bit, this ball fits into the indentation, locking it in place in the chuck. Using your grease to lubricate the shank where the new ball bearing will rest until your substitute SDS chuck has been unpacked.

Stage 4: Installation of the Latest Ball Bearing

Now, the new spring, accompanied by the curved, saucer-shaped washer, fits over the shank. At this point, insert in the slot the new ball bearing. Once in operation, the washer and spring will be kept in position. Adapt the wide washer to the shank, followed by the plastic washer that holds it.

This washer has a groove and an edge that is lifted. The raised lip, with the groove slotting over the ball bearing, first goes down the shank. Then the front slide, which will all be kept in place by the circlip, suits the last washer.

Stage 5: Re-installation of the circle clip

Put the clip into the snout of the shank using the circlip pliers, easing it apart and down on the ringed groove. Use the small screwdriver to ease it into position if needed. Now put the plastic cap at the end of the shank down on the circlip.

Now, this chuck has been reassembled! Fit an SDS bit into the chuck, and you’ll discover that it locks in place safely now.

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