Battery Bl1860b 18v Li-ion 197422-4: Review


Do you really feel like you have a Battery? So here you’ll find the battery of your choice!!

Batteries consist of one or more cells whose chemical reactions produce electron flow in a circuit. All batteries consist of three fundamental components: an anode (on the ‘-‘ side), a cathode (on the ‘+’ side), and electrolytes of a certain sort (a substance that chemically reacts with the anode and cathode).

The new battery supplies a longer runtime. But with the weight and dimensions similar to the low-capacity 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, and 5.0Ah LXT batteries. It is fully charged in 55 minutes only(with DC18RC / DC18RD fast chargers). The fastest charge time in its category. Also, It includes a battery capacity indicator LED.

This 6.0Ah battery will set new standards for running time, especially when used on powerful brushless motor tools. Or in sequential on select Makita ‘X2’ – Twin 18v tools. Two Makita-powered batteries (18V) also included. As well as they are designed to supply corded power. Moreover, run time for saws, blowers, and trimmers for selected highest-demand equipment. But without abandoning the 18V battery platform or investing in heavier, higher-voltage batteries.

Some of the special features of the battery:

  • Battery capacity indicator LEDs indicate how much charge you have left on demand.
  • Double the runtime of a 3.0Ah battery (BL1830) without compromising on weight or scale.
  • Incredible 55 minute charge time with either DC18RC or DC18RD fast chargers
  • Compatible with 18v tools whether they have a star on the connector plate or a yellow connector plate.
  • The Makita BL18xx batteries come with a regular Makita 1-year warranty.
  • Compatible with 18v Makita Tools with the Star Defense logo
  • PLEASE NOTE – when these batteries are new, they require approx. 6 to 8 complete loads. In order to achieve their maximum efficiency.