Cordless Circular Saw Makita DSS611Z—5 stuff you should know


The Makita DSS611Z Cordless Circular Saw is a fancy addition to the package. The Makita DSS611Z Cordless Circular Saw.  From anyone, especially if you already use their cordless tools. We’ve rounded up 5 things you need to know about this cordless circular saw.

The Makita DSS611Z 165mm circular saw offers a 3700 rpm no-load speed. Despite the fact that the outlet after the power has been vented, the Makita DSS611Z is prepared with the same light rpm, 3.1 kg, mobility, and great output as the DSS611Z: Driven light work, 45 ° positive stop, the fan work.

It has a thin blade for better cutting efficiency

The saw may cut more effectively, both in terms of velocity and drain on the battery, due to its thinness. So, more cuts per charge.

LED spotlight for precise cuts in dark areas

Since this is a circular cordless saw, you are likely to be working away from the region in poorly lit parts of the job site. The spotlight will light up your cut line, helping you stay precise.

It’s Compatible With 4Ah and 5Ah Makita Batteries

You can therefore use all Hitachi 4Ah or 5Ah batteries that you already have. Ideal for someone who wants to keep costs down and needs a circular saw for occasional cuts.

It’s very safe

The Makita DSS611Z features superb security features to protect you and yourself from damage. For example, the motor has an electric brake. Remove your finger from the motor trigger and the blade will stop rotating immediately.

It is very efficient

The motor produces 3,700 rpm, which, combined with the TCT blade, will give you cutting depths of up to 57mm at 0 ° and 40mm when at the 45 ° bevel. And there’s no riving knife mounted, meaning you can instantly, comfortably, and easily make clean plunge cuts.

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