The Makita Router’s Key Features – Drt50zx4


Makita Router – DRT50ZX4 – One of my main power tools is the router. You can add just about any information with a router and absolutely alter the look. Brushless Router Makita DRT50ZX4 18V LXT Li-Ion. With an extended opening for a smooth and easy cut. A smooth start and an electric brake make this a tool of precision that you can easily manage. Introducing the first DRT50 cordless trimmer from Makita, featuring the same simple form factor as the RT0701C lightweight electric router.

With more torque at your disposal, less power is required for day-to-day use, adding to the motor efficiency and extending the overall lifespan of the products as maintenance becomes less of a problem. A soft start and an electric brake make this a precision instrument that you can easily manage. During heavy use, electronic speed control maintains the speed steady.

Main characteristics

Brushless motor

With more and more products cutting the cord in the tool industry, tools like wireless routers really benefit from brushless motors. An engine manufactured by Makita takes advantage of the Makita 18V LXT Brushless Router. You’ll get a better range with that than with a brushed engine. It also enables the transfer of more power from the battery to the engine.


In the ergonomics department, Makita seems to do a really good job. And this model’s handling especially stands out. A wireless router is not a tool with a few extra ounces that fails badly. But with precision work, a solid, secure grip really helps.

It’s wireless

When we fail to note that this is a wireless router, we will be remiss. However, if you have just understood it, we would also wonder how carefully you read the note. It’s the daily cord control we don’t miss that happens with a wired router.

Overall, it’s an amazing router. I love how Makita, with this router, didn’t cut corners. The router is smooth and has a good running time. The router is solid and is just one of the tools you have to use to enjoy it.