Twin Port Charger Dc18rd


The Makita DC18RD dual 18v Lithium-ion charger simultaneously charges the two Makita 18 volt LXT batteries. The quick charging technology chooses the ideal voltage and current, and the compressed air device that circulates air through the battery regulates the temperature. And when the charging period is complete a complete sound signal confirms.

The duration and height of the Makita instruments are a little more lightweight.  The bare CXT instruments are slimmer and shorter than the pad styling instruments (LXT, M12, and Bosch). Since the batteries are diaphragm bags, the handles are slimmer. The slide packages are about the same weight as the pod packages for AH ratings


A built-in fan circulates air through the battery to refill the battery for a smoother charge during the charging process. It dynamically monitors current, voltage, and temperature to maximize battery life. Sound warning full load and  Show of Lead charge. Moreover, it has Dual ports of loading and a Device of forced cooling. The current electronic limit for protection against overload

For Makita 18V lithium-ion cableless tools consumers, the 18V Dual Port Fast Optimum Adapter provides significant advantages. The exclusive integrated fan cools the battery through the air vents of the battery, forcing the battery to charge quicker. The charger interconnects with the integrated chip of the battery during the charging phase in order to maximize the battery life by effectively monitoring the current, stress, and temperature. The charging protocol depends on the battery’s size and the kind of battery charged. At the end of the charging cycle, basic chargers of this type must be manually removed, and certain types of batteries need to be disconnected at certain set hours, about when the charge is over, with a meter or a timer.