The Best Cordless Jigsaws for DIY Projects at Home


If you are a contractor or a remodeler, you need to know about cordless Jigsaws. Your customers will love them and the people working for you will love the savings. These tools make everyday life easier for carpenters, plumbers, carvers, painters, roofers, insulation contractors, plasterers, etc. The great thing about a Dewalt Jigaw is that they can be used for almost anything carpenters do.

Dewalt makes many different cordless jigsaws. They include cordless Ryobi, Milwaukee, and Makita. Below is a list of some of the benefits you can enjoy when using these power tools.

Cordless Jigsaws by Dewalt:

Durability: Both the Milwaukee and Ryobi jigsaws use a durable material which is made from stainless steel. This is great because it is one hundred percent sure to last for years to come. You can get your hands on a dewalt makita 180b with the warranty still intact. They are both reliable power tools for the job you need them for.

Extra Strength and Durability: The Dewalt Makita cordless jigsaw is about an inch longer than the Ryobi. This makes it a lot stronger when cutting thicker materials. The makita is also tougher than a corded version. The reason why the dewalt is hardier than the Makita is because it is cordless. The cordless version allows for easier transport.

Durability: There were many different cordless power tools out in the market. This includes the cordless power jigsaws. Many people would prefer to have the corded ones simply because they are safer. However, the dewalt cordless jigaws are much safer to use compared to other cordless jigsaws. It is also tough enough to cut through harder metals.

Battery Life: A lot of people are wondering if the cordless jigsaws have a rechargeable battery or not. Well, the dewalt power tool has both. The cordless Makita battery lasts for over one hundred hours. The battery in the makita also lasts for over three hundred hours. This is great for anyone that needs to do a lot of cutting and drilling jobs.

Powerful Features: Aside from all of these features, you will also get a high quality dewalt power drill as well as a premium quality battery. This makes it easier for you to complete even the most difficult projects. A makita cordless power saw has various power settings so you can adjust how powerful it is for the job at hand.

These cordless jigsaws have many unique features. Although they don’t have all of the features that other tools have, they are still very efficient. You won’t be sorry if you invest in this product. You will enjoy the fact that you can carry it with you anywhere you go. There are even some added battery packs so you can have extra power when needed.

Cordless Power Tools: The cordless jigsaws come with a variety of different attachments. Some of the attachments include: a circular saw, drill bits, a v-aper grinder, a mig welder, and a router. Each attachment has its own unique purpose so you need to determine what you need before you purchase one. The drill bit has an adapter so you can use it on both wood and metal. The v-aper grinder will allow you to grind plastic and metal.

This cordless jig saw comes with a built in battery pack that will last for over three hours of work. It has a rechargeable battery which is usually inside the handle of the tool. Some models have a USB port on the handle. The lithium ion battery pack is extremely durable and capable of lasting for several months of continuous use. The unique feature about these jigsaws is that the battery pack is contained within the handle itself, so there is no cord to drag around. The cordless jigaws come with a two year limited warranty.

Heavy Duty: Cordless power tools are in the mid-range category. The heavy duty models are built to last a long time, and some of the cordless jigsaws have many different attachments. The attachments range from basic nailers to power drills for wood or metal. You will find both cordless and corded heavy duty jigsaws.


Makita cordless lithium-ion jig saws are available in cordless and corded styles. The cordless models are well-built and are capable of powering a router as well as the saw itself. With the optional battery pack, the makita cordless razorsaws can be used for extended battery life. The optional battery pack can even be used for power drills. With the makita razorsaw, you get the power and torque you need to complete any project.

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