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For do-it-yourselves and experts alike, wood sanding can be a boring as well as time-consuming task. But you need to put in the extra time and effort into proper wood sanding if you want to achieve a fine finish on your woodworking projects. Fortunately, to make your sanding jobs quick, simple and enjoyable, excellent Makita random sander power tools are available.

Swirl marks are avoided by the Makita random sander and the grain path is not a concern when sanding. Random orbital sanders are also available in sizes of 5 or 6 inches similar to the sanding disk size used.

Both Makita and Dewalt are professional brands of power tools, according to your choice, you can pick any of them.

Makita BO6030 110V 6″/150mm Corded Random Orbit Sander

Makita BO6030 110V 6″/150mm Two-handled Corded Random Orbit Sander with a robust exterior, robust motor housing, and solid aluminum fan housing. 30% less vibration than the closest rival.

With the means to bring it or restore it to a workbench, Makita Sanders has the means to add the sandpaper and a way to move it easily in the housing.

  • The built in system for dust collection
  • Smaller weight (only 5.2 lbs.)

Dewalt DWE6423 240V 125mm Random Orbit Plam Sander 280W Hook & Loop

A variable speed motor that adjusts from 8,000-12,000 orbits per minute has the DEWALT DWE6423 240V Random Orbit Sander, providing the optimum sanding speed to all materials. The sander also has an integrated dust extraction port that allows direct connection to a dust extractor or DEWALT AirLock system. The sander has a textured anti-slip grip top and body grip that offers optimum convenience and power during use.

The means of adding the sandpaper is given by Dewalt Sanders. You get a completely smooth finish every time with one of our electric sanders!

  • The shorter height helps the user to get closer to sanding the workpiece.
  • In all of the important areas of the sander, rubber over mold
  • Improved dust sealed a switch for a longer switch life to protect against ingestion of dust.
  • There is a one-hand locking system for dust bags.

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