Tips For Buying a New Cordless Sander

As opposed to current cordless sanders available on the market, Bosch has introduced a new cordless sander model to the marketplace. This cordless sander is called the Festool Makita 500.” Unlike other cordless sanders currently on the market this sander is designed with the ultimate in control and comfort for the consumer. They want a cordless sander that feels good when they are using it.

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The company wanted to bring a cordless sander with a smaller, more ergonomic design without sacrificing on power for the consumer. This is why they decided to design a cordless sander with their name attached to it. The company also wanted to make it a cordless sanding machine that was energy efficient and would offer the consumer some of the best cordless sanders available. In addition to these two important features Bosch also wanted a sanding tool that performed well no matter what the environment. So, they took their time in designing the Makita 500. It is definitely a step in the right direction.

First of all, Bosch has designed the Makita 500 with a grip that is firm yet comfortable to hold. This is achieved thanks to the company’s design of the handles. Instead of having a hard plastic grip, the handles of the Bosch Makita 500 have an open design that allows a better grip. Along with this open design is a battery life extending feature. The batteries will last up to five hours when fully charged and will remain charged during use.

One key to the success of the Bosch Makita line is their consistent quality of construction. There are not too many companies in the cordless roughneck world that can say this. The cordless sanders from bosch are made of heavy duty aluminum and will not break easily. When you buy a Bosch product you can be sure that you are getting high quality materials and craftsmanship. The company has also set a standard for cordless performance with their design of the hilt.

The hilt on the sander is designed so it will fit the widest part of the handle. This means that it will fit around the entire hand when in use. By having the wide grip you have better control when using the sander. The combination of the open design, rugged design, and comfortable handle will give the best cordless sanders customers will experience with any brand or model.

The wide base and closed design of the hilt is the hallmark of any quality cordless sanders. The two feature designs that will make your life easy and comfortable while working on your projects. One design has a closed face that makes cleaning easy and eliminates the need for extra bits. You can also get a new cordless sander that has a tip protectors to keep your new sander safe. The open face design also makes it easier to access the insides when in use. Both of these designs make for a quality sander that you will love using.

Your next purchase should be a cordless Festool cutter. The cordless Festool sander and the cutters in the Pro Series have proven themselves to be the most popular sander on the market today. The cordless Festool sander is perfect for those who live in areas where power is not available. Cordless Festool makes it possible to still get a solid job done with the new sanders that come in the Pro Series.


All of these features make the new Festool line of cordless sanders the best. The cordless sanders are portable, durable, have the best performance, and use a high quality, durable ac adapter. No need to worry about the cost either, they are well worth the cost. You won’t find a better deal anywhere for cordless sanders of this quality and durability.

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