Top 25 Cordless Power tools to buy in UK

Whether you’re putting together a new piece of furniture, refinishing an antique discovery, or embarking on a more complicated DIY project, having the correct power tools will make things easier and faster, especially if you go cordless. Cordless power tools eliminate the hassle of cables, allowing you to move around with greater convenience. Battery-powered choices provide greater flexibility because there is no need to be close to a plug outlet or find the correct extension cable, making working out in the open air or moving from room to room much easier. We have brought the best cordless power tools to make your job much easier. Have a look at our top 25 cordless power tools:

  1. Combi drills
  2. SDS+ rotary hammer drills
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Multi-tool
  5. Circular saw
  6. Impact driver
  7. Nail guns
  8. Angle Grinders
  9. Routers
  10. Planers
  11. Die Grinders
  12. Reciprocating saws
  13. Screwdrivers
  14. Caulking guns
  15. Cordless vacuum Cleaners
  16. Sanders
  17. Angle drills
  18. Impact wrench
  19. Bandsaw
  20. Plunge saw
  21. Heat gun
  22. Inflators
  23. Torches and lighting
  24. Shear wrench
  25. Cable cutting tool

Combi drills:

A drill is one of the best power tools that is primarily used to make round holes or to drive screws. It is equipped with a bit, which can be either a drill or a driver depending on the application, and is held in place by a chuck. Some powered drills include a hammer function as well. Cordless drills come in a wide range of speeds, power, and sizes, and are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, construction, machine tool fabrication, construction, and utility tasks. Special versions are created for medical, space, and tiny applications.

SDS+ rotary hammer drills:

When it comes to some DIY projects, only specific tools will accomplish the job properly. To assist with heavy masonry or thick walls, you will most likely hire an SDS kind of drill. Rotary hammers square measure used for “doweling,” or the repetitive drilling of enormous rebar anchor holes, additionally as for drilling through holes in concrete and masonry walls. The pounding action fractures the masonry, permitting the drill bit’s flutes to get rid of it. except for its basic performance of drilling concrete, the rotating action will be disabled, and solely the music force is utilized. Chisels and purpose attachments square measure used for fine breakage operations.


A Jigsaw operates by attaching a blade to the instrument. There are numerous varieties of blades available on the market. Older jigsaws require you to screw a blade into the tool. However, since Bosch pioneered the tool-free blade change system, most manufacturers now provide a similar arrangement that allows for a quick and tool-free blade changing. Jigsaws with beveled sole plates can cut angles of up to 45 degrees relative to the regular vertical stroke to form miter joints.


The Multi-tool cutter is intended for “impossible” plunge cuts. If you use the right blade, it makes them simple. While multi-tools are most typically used to cut holes in drywall for electrical boxes, they can also be utilized for any other project that requires a plunge cut.

A multi-tool (or multitool) may be a tool that mixes multiple totally different functions into one device. The littlest are credit-card or key-sized units meant to be carried in an exceeding case or on a keyring, however, others are meant to be carried in an exceedingly garment pocket or belt-mounted pouch.

Circular saw:

A sawing machine could be a style of sawing machine that uses a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to chop numerous materials AN exceedingly|in a very} move a motion that revolves around a pergola. A hole saw and ring saw each use a rotating motion, however, they’re not constant as a sawing machine. Circular saws may also be wont to build the blade itself.

A sawing machine could be a tool for cutting a spread of materials like wood, stone, plastic, or metal. It will be hand-held or machine-mounted.

Circular saw blades square measure particularly engineered for the fabric they’re speculated to cut, and within the case of wood, they’re exactly designed for creating rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or a combination of each.

Impact driver:

When compared to a sway wrench, a conductor impact driver generally generates less force and takes smaller tool bits. As a result, the impact driver (with its lower force and smaller tool bit) is additionally suited to driving smaller screws in construction work, however, the additional powerful impact wrench is healthier suited to driving larger bolts and wacky in significant mechanical things, like lug wacky.

Nail guns:

A nail gun, often known as a nail gun or nailer, is a tool used to drive nails into wood or other materials. Compressed air (pneumatic), electromagnetism, highly flammable gases such as butane or propane, or, in the case of powder-actuated instruments, a small explosive charge are typically used to power it. Nail guns have mostly replaced hammers as the preferred instrument among builders.

Nail guns are effective tools for large-scale building projects such as framing or roofing. You can also use them to install interior panels, door frames, and other carpentry projects around the house. Rapid provides a variety of strong nail guns for both professional and home use, as well as a comprehensive assortment of nails and brads.

Angle grinders:

An angle grinder, commonly noted as an aspect grinder or disc grinder, is additionally a transferable power instrument used for grinding and sharpening (abrasive cutting). Originally designed to figure with stiff abrasive discs, offer|The provision} of associate elastic power offer has affected its use with AN honest variety of cutters and accessories. Angle grinders unit of measurement-driven by either an associated electrical motor or propellant. The motor drives a right-angle intermeshed head with an associated abrasive disc or a narrower cut-off disc placed in on that, each of which might get replaced once worn. Angle grinders unit of measurement is sometimes equipped with an adjustable guard and an aspect handle for two-handed use.


A router may be a machine with a flat base and a spinning blade that extends on the far side of the bottom. The spindle will be powered by an electrical or gas motor. It routs (hollows out) a hole in a very arduous material like wood or plastic. Routers are the unit most ordinarily employed in craft, notably woodwork. they will be carried around or hooked up to router tables. The router is thought to be one of all the foremost versatile power tools by bound woodworkers.


Planers and shapers are now obsolete because alternative machine tools (such as milling machines, broaching machines, and grinding machines) have largely surpassed them as the preferred tools for such work. They have, nevertheless, not vanished from the realm of metallurgy. Smaller tool and die shops within bigger production plants utilize planers to maintain and repair huge stamping dies and plastic injection molds. The primary function of a power planer is to smooth the surface of wood, but it can also be used to smooth the rough end grain of the wood. It is also used to trim wood. If a door is too broad, for example, use a power planer to make passes over the side of the door, adjusting the depth gauge to give a cut of the necessary depth.


Die grinders and rotary tools square measure transferrable power tools used for material grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining (typically metal, but in addition plastic or wood). All of these instruments square measure on paper similarly, with no clear distinction between die grinders and rotary tools, albeit the die grinder term is used for pneumatically powered heavy variants, whereas the rotary tool name is used for electrical lighter-duty ones. There square measure additional versatile shaft drive models available.

Reciprocating saws:

Many window fitters, construction workers, and emergency rescue agencies use reciprocating saws. There are specialized variants and accessories available, such as clamps and long blades for cutting massive tubing.

Blades are available in a range of materials and applications. Metal cutting blades, wood cutting blades, composite, drywall, and other material blades are all common. Many of these blade types feature a range of tooth patterns intended for specific tasks like tree-limb cutting, demolition operations, clean cutting, or working with hazardous materials. For hard materials such as tile and stone, abrasive coated blades are also available.


A screwdriver is a manual or motorized instrument used to drive screws. A standard screwdriver has a handle and a shaft that ends in a tip that the user inserts into the screw head before rotating the handle. This type of screwdriver has been replaced in many companies and homes by a more contemporary and versatile instrument, a power drill, because it is faster, easier, and can also drill holes. To resist bending or twisting, the shaft is often composed of strong steel.

Caulking guns:

Caulking compounds are flexible sealing compounds that are used to seal gaps in buildings and other structures against water, air, dust, and insects, or as a component in firestopping. Caulking in the tunneling business refers to the sealing of joints in segmental precast concrete tunnels, most typically with concrete.

Cordless vacuum Cleaners:

A household appliance unremarkably called a hoover or simply a vacuum, maybe a device that uses suction to get rid of material from floors, upholstery, draperies, and different surfaces.

A dust bag or a cyclone collects the waste for resultant disposal. tiny powered hand-held devices wheeled canister models for home use, domestic central vacuum cleaners, large stationary industrial appliances which will handle many hundred liters of dirt before being empty, and self-propelled vacuum trucks for recovery of huge spills or removal of contaminated soil.


Random orbital electric sanders (sometimes referred to as a palm sander) could be a powerful tool that sands in a very random orbit. That is, in a very continual pattern of on an irregular basis overlapping circles. Random orbital electric sanders have the speed and aggression of a belt sander, however, will give a finer end than a customary, slow speed orbital finishing electric sander. Random orbital sanders are classified into 3 types: electrical, air, and orbital floor sanders. The electrical and air orbital sanders are handled, whereas the ground orbital sanders are large rolling instrumentality.

Angle drills:

Cordless Angle Drills have a shorter head length, creating them ideal for reaching hard-to-reach locations. owing to their overall dimensions and form, they’re arguably a lot more pliant than alternative kinds of drilling instrumentality. Angle drills feature a shorter head length and sit at right angles, permitting you to figure in tight and confined locations that alternative drills might not be able to reach. They are simple to use and can become your trusty companion on the work website, with light-weight, conductor selections offered.

Impact wrench:

An impact wrench (also known as an impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, windy gun) is a socket wrench power tool that is designed to deliver high torque output with minimal user exertion by storing energy in a rotating mass and then delivering it suddenly to the output shaft. Impact wrenches are widely employed in a variety of industries, including automotive repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly, large building projects, and any other situation requiring a high torque output. A pulse tool is often used for product assembly because it provides reactionless tightening while minimizing the noise levels that regular impacts suffer from.


A bandsaw (sometimes spelled band saw) is a power saw that cuts material with a long, sharp blade made of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels. They are mostly employed in woodworking, metallurgy, and lumbering, but they can cut a wide range of materials. The capacity to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jigsaw, as well as the ability to cut consistent cutting action as a result of an equally distributed tooth load, are both advantages. The breadth of the band and its kerf determine the minimum radius of a curve.

Plunge saw:

A plunge saw, also known as a plunge-cut saw, is a form of hand-held circular saw that, unlike a standard circular saw, may plunge into the material to a predetermined depth during the cut. In other words, the depth-of-cut is not fixed and can often be modified to be somewhat greater than the thickness of the board being cut. If necessary, this characteristic enables a plunge saw to cut shallow grooves into the workpiece. Plunge saws, when compared to typical hand-held circular saws, are stated to boost operator safety while also allowing for less splintering and tear-out.

Heat gun:

A heat gun consists of a heat offer, generally, associate electrically heated half, but typically a gas flame; a mechanism to maneuver the new air, like Associate in Nursing electrical fan, unless pressure is sufficient; and a nozzle to direct the air, which can be a simple tube inform in one direction or specially shaped for functions like concentrating heat on a tiny low house or thawing a pipe but not the wall behind. a housing to remain the elements contained and additionally the operator safe; a mechanism to indicate it on and off, sort of a trigger; a handle; and an intrinsical or external stand if the gun is to be operated hands-free.


Tire inflators are single-use devices designed to assist drivers with a quick, temporary remedy to flat tyres. These devices seal the punctured tyre and then reinflate it with pressured gas, providing enough pressure to allow the vehicle to be driven at a low pace for a limited period of time. This allows the driver to get the damaged tyre professionally repaired or changed, avoiding the need to replace the wheel on the side of the road.

Torches and lighting:

A flashlight, torch, or cordless illumination is a portable electric light that can be held in one’s hand. Previously, the light source was often a small incandescent light bulb, but since the mid-2000s, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have taken their place. A standard flashlight is made up of a light source mounted in a reflector, a transparent cover (often paired with a lens) to protect the light source and reflector, a battery, and a switch all housed in a case.

Shear wrench:

Cordless shear wrenches are primarily used to tighten high-strength torsion shear bolts. Because of its tiny size, low weight, and high power, it can considerably enhance labor efficiency. The shear wrench has consistent performance and a fast speed. It is the best of several comparable items. It has a high disassembly and assembly torque, and when it reaches a particular torque, it can cut off the plum head part of the bolt.

Cable cutting tool:

Cable cutters, also known as wire cutters, are often used to cut copper, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel wire. Some wire cutters have insulated handles to keep you from getting shocked by the wires you’re cutting. The crossing jaws of a diagonal cutter cut the wire at an angle, leaving a flat tip.


We hope that this discussion has assisted you in selecting the most useful and best cordless power tools for your DIY projects. We also provide a wide range of cordless power tools from leading UK brands like Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Metabo, Einhell, Greenworks, Worx, and many more.

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