Top Brand Cordless Drywall Cutters

When it comes to cutting and drilling drywall, it pays to have professional drywall installation equipment such as Cordless Drywall Cutters and Dewalt Power Blocks in your home. These two brands have been used by millions for years and have built a solid reputation and trust that allows them to provide these professional services year round. Whether you are in the process of building a new home or remodeling an existing home, having the right tools is essential in completing the project safely and quickly.

Dewalt Power Blocks. Dewalt is the number one brand in cordless cutting tools. Dewalt prides itself on not only being the leader in cordless tools but in being the number one choice of professionals nationwide. They have many styles and sizes to meet any style of remodel or home improvement need. The Dewalt line offers cordless drills, saws, claw hammers and levelers just to name a few.

Cortland Drywall Cutters. Another popular brand of cordless tools is Cortland. Known for their quality, ease of use and long lasting durability the Cortland line of tools is always in demand. Cortland Drywall is a line of drywall cutting machines, veneers and fasteners designed specifically for installation on hardwood, aluminum, laminate and other drywall surfaces. One of the most commonly rented tools in the industry, the Cortland Electric Floor Model 2.4 Hemispherical Electric Floor Model has become known as the “tough guy” because of its heavy duty construction and cutting capacity.

Makita Drywall. Makita is another brand well known in the industry. Known for their versatility and ease of use, Makita has tools to suit all types of home improvement projects. Makita has the best mix of power, speed and torque to meet the needs of any do-it-yourself homeowner or contractor. From their Floor Mate ram board saw, to Floor Mate caulk guns; Makita tools can handle anything you need.

Dewalt Drywall Cutters. Dewalt is one of the most well know brands in drywall tools. Dewalt drywall knives are the perfect choice for trimming, cutting and nailing down your walls. Whether you are a do it yourselfer or need a more professional looking job done, Dewalt has just what you need.

Bosch Drywall Cutters. Known as a pioneer in electronic contracting, Bosch offers cutting edge tools for all levels of experience in their line of electric drywall. Bosch also manufactures accessories that compliment their line of tools. Like Dewalt, Bosch offers a variety of models for cutting and nailing down your walls. Bosch also manufactures accessories that cut back the cleaning time and stress of any do it yourself homeowner.

Pairing these top rated drywall knives with a proper cutting material will ensure you get the best results every time. The two most popular materials used in cutting drywall are either fiberglass or melamine. Using the incorrect type of cutting material can lead to damage to the drywall, and the possibility of the blade breaking during use. Most cutting material suppliers will be able to recommend the best cutting material for your needs. If you are unsure which material would work best for you, always ask an expert before starting a project.

Finding the right tools to complete your drywall installations is not something many homeowners want to undertake. With the large selection of tools available today, there is no reason to skimp on a quality product. By choosing the right tools from the right supplier, you will end up with a project that is faster, more efficient, and produces professional looking results. You may even find that you need to invest in better tools as your business grows, but these tools should always remain part of your arsenal.

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