Usage and safety tips for the Caulking Gun

Before painting, if you are looking to waterproof a joint with a sealant or fill a void, we suggest you do some planning. The Makita DCG180ZBK 18V LXT Cordless Caulking Gun is a cordless caulking gun with high work efficiency, powered by 18V Li-ion batteries. The compact and lightweight design is a caulking pistol. The plunger rod for bulk sealant can also be used by the Makita DCG180ZBK 18V as a suction plunger to pump the sealant from a bulk container into the 600ml holder.

Remove all the old caulk with an object that is sharp

Before adding the new caulk to a broken surface, remove the existing caulk. For your submission, a clean surface often helps you to be more accurate.

Prior to applying the fresh caulk coat, thoroughly clean the surface

A combination of warm water and rubbing alcohol will properly clean the surface. To clean the surface thoroughly, use a rag dipped in the alcohol mix. Be sure to use a clean, dry cloth to dry it off.

For more effective use, masking tapes may be used 

The application of masking tape over and below the surface prevents any unwanted surface from being touched by it.

Piercing a conduit with a rod of metal

The hook must pierce deep in the back while pulling the rod back. The latch makes sure that the tube does not move. It also allows the trigger to work.

Reloading the caulk gun

With your thumb, push and hold the trigger. This releases the long rod that runs the entire frame length. On the other hand, pull this rod. The next step is for the caulking tube to be inserted.

For optimum sealant flow rate control, the Cordless Caulking Gun has variable speed control via dial and trigger switch. Only on the release of the switch trigger does the anti-drip feature stop the excess from oozing out. Please visit our Toptopdeal website to buy a Cordless Caulking Gun.

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