Uses of Planer and Safety-Dewalt DCP580N tips

Use a portable planer to trim or flatten stock when everything else fails. They are quick and easy to use and allow you to use the edges of rabbet and chamfer. Before heading to the jointer, I find them helpful to flatten edges on thick, long stock, to fit doors, and to level dimensional lumber, a much faster and easier hang than using a jack plane.

The Dewalt DCP580N cordless planer is a compact and well-balanced machine with 82mm reversible blades for a smooth finish. It is comfortable to use in all orientations, with a lightweight and ergonomic design. The large front and rear Dewalt DCP580N shoes enhance stability when used. The market-leading strength of the 9.00 mm rebate makes it suitable for minor on-site modifications and repairs.

Using a power planer

The power hand planer (or electric planer) operates on a shoe or soleplate, like a hand plane. Like a jointer, the planer has blades mounted on a cutter head or drum that spins at 20,000 rpm, cutting wood equal to the difference in height between the front and rear shoes.

  • Start by resting the planer’s front shoe flat on the wood without allowing the blade to contact the job.
  • Start the tool and allow the engine to reach full power. Then ease the plane into touch with the job and drive it forward slowly.
  • As the planer reaches the workpiece, maintain the initial pressure on the front grip.
  • Balance hand pressure between the handle of the tool and the front knob when the job is contacted by both planer soles.
  • Apply greater power to “catch” the rear handle as you force the tool off the job.
  • Stop overreaching at the end of a pass; the front shoe will drop off the wood and let the blades take an uneven bite off the end of the wood (called “snipe”).

Safety tips

  • Secure the eyes and ears, as with all power tools, by wearing suitable protective clothing.
  • Protect yourself and the job and the blades after shutting off the tool by setting the hand planer’s font to show up on a wood block while the spinning cutter head stops.
  • By putting walk planks between two ladders, operate comfortably above your head, in line with the way you will make your cuts.
  • When your neighbors see the pace and ease you are using your hand planer with, look out! To keep track of all the borrowers, you will need a sign-out sheet.

The DeWalt DCP580N-XJ is the world’s first 18v brushless, cordless glider, provided by Toptopdeal. With twin 82mm reversible blades and the capacity to plane up to 2.0mm in soft wood or 1.0mm in hardwood, it is a lightweight and well-balanced system for horizontal and vertical planning.

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