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Exclusive Wall Planters

Cooks at home, rejoice! With nine clay pots in this set, you can grow a great herb garden within reach of your simmering pots and crisp salads. It takes up too much space in your kitchen. If you have copper pots, pans, and bowls, the copper frame blends in well with a variety of kitchen decor themes. The best kitchen wall planter can vary based on individual preferences, kitchen layout, and available wall space. When it comes to purchasing wall planters, you're not just acquiring garden accessories; you're investing in a living work of art that can transform your indoor or outdoor space into a lush and vibrant oasis. Here are some popular and highly regarded kitchen wall planter options that are known for their functionality, style, and ease of use:
  • Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase: This modern and stylish planter features geometric shapes and comes in sets of two.
  • Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter: This set of ceramic planters includes three different sizes. Making it versatile for various herbs and small plants. They have a clean and minimalist design, perfect for modern kitchen decor.
  • Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Set: If you prefer a boho or rustic look, this macrame plant hanger set is a great choice. It includes three plant hangers with wood beads, suitable for displaying small pots of herbs or trailing plants.

Kids’ Wall Planters

Want to add a bit of magical whimsy or elevate your kids’ bedroom décor? A unicorn wall planter, made of ceramic and done up in a glossy white finish, is one playful choice. This planter works equally well in colorful surroundings or minimalist rooms. If you love the idea of incorporating animals but draw the line at unicorns. You might prefer this lion, giraffe, rhino, or pug!

Plant Propagation Wall Planters

If you love creating baby plants from your big plants but don’t like the look of a collection of bud vases or other propagation vessels sitting around, consider this attractive, affordable set of wall planters. Keep an eye on the baby plants’ roots in the clear tubes and let the colorful holders turn your green thumb into wall art. The creator/seller recommends mounting these planters on the wall with 3M hook-and-loop tape.

Sculptural Wall Planter

We adore this lady wall planter because, in contrast to the majority of the geometric and contemporary wall planters now on the market, it adds a touch of Romanesque romance to your indoor or outdoor setting. Each plant that sprouts from it becomes a new work of art, such as her hair, thoughts, or imagination. It adds natural texture and color and tone variation contrasts well with contemporary hard edges and is made of cement.

Wall Planter For Air Plants

Because air plants don’t require soil or standing water, this stylish wall-mounted planter from Sundance is perfect for them. This makes wood containers that can’t be used for other plants without a liner a practical alternative. Because they are handcrafted by hand from pine or birch. There may be some variance, just like in nature. Before you put your air plant back in the container after watering it, make sure it has dried off. Bonus: You can also use this planter for dried or fake flowers if you don’t have a green thumb.

Outdoor Wall Planter

If you want to splash out with a wall of plants in your yard, this five-tier, self-watering vertical garden has a lot to offer: Constructed of cedar wood and metal, it’s as pretty as the plants it hosts. It will stand up to the outdoor elements. Grow everything from basil to begonias, cacti to chard in five, six-foot-long planters. Comes with a liner, hangers, and mounting brackets for easy installation.

Succulent Wall Planter

Consider the Willamette Steel wall planter if you’re looking for a conversation starter because it brilliantly displays the best feature of almost every succulent at the top. Once everything is planted the overall result will look like wall art.

All Around Wall Planter

These Arcadia Garden wall planters have a straightforward design and come in a variety of colors with either a matte or shiny finish. They are reasonably priced at each at The Home Depot. The liner stops water from seeping into your wall. And they are flat on one side so they can lay flush against the wall.

Living Wall Planter

Moisture retention, and easy reconfiguring of plants within the system with its root wraps — like a swaddle blanket for the roots! Create an entire living wall with flowers and foliage or your gourmet herb garden with either 12-pocket or four-pocket styles.

Hanging Wall Planter

A hanging wall planter is a decorative and functional container designed to hold and display plants on a wall or vertical surface. Hanging wall planters come in various styles, materials, and sizes, catering to different plant types and design preferences. Here are some key features and benefits of hanging wall planters:
  • Space-Saving: As they hang vertically, these planters save floor or ground space, making them ideal for small apartments, balconies, or compact gardens.
  • Indoor And Outdoor Use: Adding a touch of nature to interior walls or enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor areas.
  • Versatile Plant Options: Depending on the planter’s size and depth.
  • Material Options: Hanging wall planters are available in various materials such as metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, and woven materials like rattan or macrame. Each material offers unique aesthetics and durability.

Cottage-Style Wall Planter

The 36-inch English garden window box from Hooks and Lattice combines the traditional design of an English garden with a wholly contemporary powder-coated steel construction for durability. Additionally, it includes the coconut coir lining, which is often an additional purchase for this wall planter. The liner’s easy drainage and breathability promote plant growth. You can buy mounting hardware designed especially for wood, Stucco, or masonry. If your exterior siding is any of those three.