What advantages does the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner offer?

The simple canister cleaner is identical to the Wet & Dry Vacuum and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. The DVC750LZ 18V Makita vacuum cleaner is relatively inexpensive and can be a great addition to those emergencies where you need to vacuum up water or liquid.

For both dry and wet areas, the Makita DVC750LZ 18V LXT brushless l-class vacuum cleaner is a compact cordless vacuum. Driven by a maintenance-free brushless motor and compatible with batteries from the Makita 18v LXT.


  1. Blower function
  2. Equipped with HEPA filter

Safer than corded vacuums

Electricity is now implementing its own set of safety problems. Most of the protection issues are solved when you use a cordless vacuum. It is not as intrusive as a corded vacuum, so with as little noise as possible, you can get in and out.

Agility to go where no other vacuums can be

Vacuums powered by batteries are versatile and fast, making them extremely agile. You can carry it to areas that it can’t reach or where corded vacuums are inconvenient to use.

Convenience for quick clean-ups in high traffic spaces

When you have a fast clean up, it can be terribly inconvenient to pull out a corded vacuum and find an outlet to plug in, especially in high traffic areas. Without any fuss or disturbance of the traffic flow, a cordless vacuum helps you to fix the problem easily and effectively.

Quiet technology makes it suitable for cleaning inhabited areas.

The technology of cordless vacuum cleaners makes them super quiet, so you can do what you need to do, and your customers can barely hear you.

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